Vanessa Bryant Reveals How Her Daughter Revealed Hollywood Interest at Oscars Party

Natalia Bryant is the oldest daughter of the late Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant. In 2021, Bryant graduated from Sage Hill High School, where she was captain of the varsity volleyball team. After high school, Natalia Bryant signed to IMG models, and she started college at USC recently. Recently, in an interview during the Vanity Fair bash, Natalia Bryant expressed her interest in Hollywood.



Natalia Bryant in Hollywood
Natalia was questioned whether a night like that was making her want to get into Hollywood or not. And she replied, “Yes definitely. I mean honestly, I just love everyone here”. She also said that she was very excited because Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant talked about the Vanity Fair all the time and that her mother was excited for her to attend the event.





Natalia also said that she’s sad because her mother, Vanessa Bryant, wasn’t able to attend the event with her. It was because Vanessa was taking care of Natalia’s sisters. She said that Vanessa Bryant was stunned after looking at her in the dress. And that has made her happy. When she was asked about the secret to the look, Natalia said that she didn’t have any secret to the look and that the dress is comfortable and ideal for her.



Then Natalia Bryant was asked about her message for people about staying strong and what she has learned about how to be strong. Natalia replied, “Honestly I learned the most just from each other. I think just being able to rely on each other and be there for each other has been like the biggest inspiration.”.


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