Travis Kelce Addresses Playing Against Jaguars

Travis Kelce Addresses Playing Against Jaguars

The Kansas City Chiefs expect All-Pro defensive lineman Chris Jones to return to the lineup after missing Week 2 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Travis Kelce’s injury status remains unknown, with head coach Andy Reid stating the tight end went through a walkthrough and would test his knee during practice on September 13.



Kelce also provided an update on his health during the newest episode of the “New Heights” podcast with his brother Jason Kelce. “Things are looking up,” Kelces said on the episode which premiered on September 13. “I feel good feel a lot better than I did last week felt like an absolute a****** not being able to play in that first game.



“I did run [Tuesday], and it feels like I might be able to play this week.” On their banner-raising night, the Chiefs were defeated 21-20 by the Detroit Lions at home. That was not how they planned to begin their title reign, and it occurred with Jones and Kelce both out for various reasons.



Reid’s update on Kelce’s improvement is unquestionably encouraging. It never hurts to hear positive feedback from the athlete himself.

“You gotta be very fortunate to play this game,” Kelce said. “I take a lot of it to heart, being able to be out there every single week. … I love to put that on my shoulders, on my resume. That I make myself available every single week.”



Both players were there, though, with Kelce joining teammates on the sidelines and Jones watching from the seats (he was not able to be on the sidelines due to league regulations during his holdout).

“A non-contact injury. … I was literally running a route and stuck my foot in the ground, and hyperextended my knee,” Kelce went on to explain of the injury suffered during practice on September 5. “The last practice going into the first game, I got a little lazy on some of my movement and … offed myself and couldn’t play in the first game.”



He did joke that he believes the injury was a bit of karma for teasing sister-in-law Kylie Kelce and comedian Kevin Hart for trying things “they shouldn’t be because they’re too old”.

He vowed never to make fun of anyone else.