Chiefs’ Jawaan Taylor Challenges False Starting Controversy Against Lions

Chiefs’ Jawaan Taylor Challenges False Starting Controversy Against Lions

During the first game of the NFL season, between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs, social media was buzzing. Many commentators believed Chiefs right tackle Jawaan Taylor was unfairly gaining an edge by making false starts throughout the game.

Taylor addressed the controversy with the media on Thursday. “To the eye, it may look like a false start, but if you slow it down on film, I’m moving the same time the ball’s moving. I’m just getting out my stance with urgency.” In other words, watch the game tape more closely, per KSHB 41 News’ Aaron Ladd.



The Chiefs lineman also revealed that no officials had indicated his precise movements.

Taylor defended his style of play, pointing out how talented today’s pass rushers are. He also highlighted the importance of each movement. “These rushers are good, so you know, if you can get one step ahead with just using the snap count to your advantage, that would be better for you.”



However, Taylor’s get-off from the ball was not the only criticism leveled at him. Many viewers of the Lions-Chiefs game believed Taylor was lined up too far behind the line of scrimmage, sitting deeper than the rulebook allows.

Taylor would have an edge over opposition defensive lineman as a result of this. He’d be able to drop faster and get into his pass set earlier than normal. Establishing his position early would offer him an advantage over opposing rushers.



Taylor stated that officials advised him not to line up too far off the line of scrimmage. However, he was not fined for his alignment.

Taylor will face an unusual challenge on Sunday when the Chiefs face the Jacksonville Jaguars. Taylor played for the Jaguars for his first four NFL seasons. So, if any team is aware of his habits (and thus able to tip off officials to them), it is his old club.



Many eyes will be on Taylor’s alignment and first movements on Sunday. But the Chiefs have bigger problems to worry about as they try to avoid an 0-2 start.