Packers Team Doctor Set To Perform Aaron Rodgers’ Surgery

Packers Team Doctor Set To Perform Aaron Rodgers’ Surgery

Aaron Rodgers is no longer a member of the Green Bay Packers, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping him from visiting a Packers team doctor for surgery on his ruptured achilles. On Monday night, the four-time NFL MVP had to be assisted off the field after only four snaps with the New York Jets.



An MRI indicated that Rodgers did, in fact, tear his achilles on Tuesday morning, confirming Jets fans’ worst concerns. The injury will sideline the great quarterback for the entirety of the 2023 NFL season. But will it be the end of his career?

This morning, Richard Sherman and the rest of the cast of Fox Sports’ “Undisputed” argued precisely that until Sherman made a shocking claim.





“I think he feels like he owes (the Jets), so that’s going to give them the energy he needs to get through this rehab process,” Sherman began. “But who he’s gonna go to is ironic. Because the doctor that he’s gonna go, who’s the best achilles – the guy who did my surgery who has this special technique where the incision, the scar is only like this big (*gestures*) – is Bob Anderson.



“But he’s now a Green Bay team doctor. So his facility is in Green Bay, Wisconsin. So for Aaron to get his surgery, he’s gonna have to fly into Green Bay, Wisconsin in the next couple weeks to get this surgery from Bob Anderson.”