Jets’ Aaron Rodgers leaves hidden Packers message in Instagram post

Jets' Aaron Rodgers leaves hidden Packers message in Instagram post

Aaron Rodgers knows how to stir up rumors, and his latest Instagram post Wednesday night was another example.



It appeared the star quarterback was simply showing love for his “17s” when he posted a picture of his new top receiver with the New York Jets, Garrett Wilson, while also tagging longtime Green Bay Packers teammate Davante Adams.

It sparked conversation about the Jets potentially targeting Adams, who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders, at the NFL trade deadline this year.



Another hidden tag of an ex-teammate went overlooked by some.

Jets' Aaron Rodgers leaves hidden Packers message in Instagram post



His former left tackle, David Bakhtiari, was tagged in the photo near Rodgers’ rear end. This could be an inside joke between the two, but Jets fans believe there could be a message in why Rodgers placed the name of his former blindside protector there.

The Jets’ offensive line has been a focal point this preseason, and it’s not because it has done a good job protecting Rodgers.





Thanks to HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” fans saw head coach Robert Saleh rip into his offensive line’s effort, saying all the talent in the world on offense for the Jets means nothing if the line can’t get it together.

Perhaps Rodgers is suggesting to GM Joe Douglas and the front office they should bring in reinforcements, preferably a familiar face in Bakhtiari.

The 32-year-old tackle is still under contract with the Packers for the next two seasons before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2025. But since the team is in a transition after the blockbuster Rodgers trade to the Jets, perhaps it would be willing to unload another first-team All-Pro player.

Again, the tag could mean nothing. But Rodgers usually has intent behind everything he does, even on social media.


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