Jalen Hurts Lands Multi-million Dollar Jordan Brand Deal

Jalen Hurts Lands Multi-million Dollar Jordan Brand Deal

The Philadelphia Eagles have a legit star in Jalen Hurts, and last season’s success wasn’t just a fluke. At least, that’s what both the organization and Jordan Brand seem to think about him.



Last season provided fans with all the evidence they needed to know that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is an NFL star. And his new partnership with Nike’s Jordan Brand is driving that fact home. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have committed that much money to him.





According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the worldwide basketball giant has made Hurts their latest addition, with the contract being negotiated by Joe D’Amelio, VP of Football Marketing at Klutch Sports.

In the offseason, the Eagles made Hurts the highest-paid quarterback in league history, rewarding him for his work ethic and the great strides he made last season.

Despite being constantly overlooked, doubted, and criticized, Hurts has never stopped grinding, and his leadership skills are second to none among the young quarterbacks in this league.





He plays in one of the most popular sports markets on Earth, and it’s become more than evident that he’s going to be under center for the Eagles for years to come, so it was only natural for him to try and capitalize on that success by finding the best sponsor possible.

It’s crazy to think that just last offseason, some analysts and fans urged the team to pull the plug on the Jalen Hurts experiment and pursue another quarterback.

That speaks volumes of how fast narratives can change in the National Football League, and it shows that Hurts will have to put in a lot of work to try and live up to the expectations surrounding him now.


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