Forget the title: Lewis Hamilton Explains What He Wants

At the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix on Saturday, Lewis Hamilton presented a dejected image as Mercedes labored once more. In both qualifying and the sprint on Saturday, Hamilton came in outside the top 10. “Yes, this is a problem we have, and I can do nothing about it other than try to do my best. We’re not competing for the C title, but some weekends go well and some weekends don’t. Right now, we’re vying to, you know, crack the Top 10 “.



At the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix on Saturday, Max Verstappen passed Formula One leader Charles Leclerc on the penultimate lap to win the sprint race and relaunch his season. Verstappen, who won the pole position for the race after winning Friday’s qualifying, was quickly passed by Leclerc’s Ferrari after the lights went out, much to the pleasure of the “tifosi.”





“These vehicles are unquestionably easier to follow. However, it’s still incredibly challenging to come within a second since the tire in this race causes you to continue to slide as soon as you start to get close. As a result, getting a decent run actually took some time. But after the strong run, we did really make a strong move into Turn 2. We gave each other adequate room, but that has naturally been the case during the entire season so far. So I didn’t have any other expectations.”



Verstappen, though, persistently chased Leclerc and sped around the outside of the Ferrari into Tamburello before snatching the victory and pole position for the race on Sunday. He finished 2.975 seconds faster than Leclerc and 4.721 seconds faster than Sergio Perez, another Red Bull colleague. “I had a wonderful start, and once we were in P1, I had to focus on keeping Max (Verstappen) out of the DRS because I knew that if I didn’t, I would be really susceptible.



I thus exerted quite a deal of pressure on the tires, and I undoubtedly paid the price at the conclusion of the race when the front tire really began to grain. It’s ok however. There isn’t much we can do before the major race tomorrow, but we can definitely improve the compound and the driving. I will thus try to optimize that as I work on it. However, it appeared and appeared that they could have an advantage over us this weekend in terms of racing speed.


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