Brittany Mahomes Faces Backlash for Selling Clothes on Instagram

In the world of NFL, Brittany Mahomes is known as the stunning and accomplished wife ofPatrick Mahomes, the superstar quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, who recently led his team to victory in the Super Bowl. However, a recent activity on her Instagram account has stirred up controversy and accusations of dishonesty.



Brittany took to her Instagram Story to promote a link to Poshmark, an online store where users can buy and sell a variety of items, including clothing. She used this platform to promote the sale of her own clothes.



Brittany Mahomes Faces Backlash for Selling Clothes on Instagram



However, this move quickly attracted the attention of the online community, particularly on the subreddit r/brittanymatthewssnark, where critics wasted no time in voicing their opinions.

One user commented, “The bullsh*t this woman does makes me dislike her even more. Just donate the clothes and move on, ffs.” Another chimed in, “Girl, nobody wants your tacky, cheap-looking clothes.”
The backlash continued to grow, with one user expressing their frustration with wealthy individuals and influencers who sell their clothes instead of donating them, stating, “It’s a HUGE ick. Tells me everything I need to know about someone.”



Brittany Mahomes’ online criticism is a constant thing

This is not the first time Brittany Mahomes has faced online criticism. Earlier in the 2021 season, following the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Buffalo Bills with a score of 20-38, Brittany publicly criticized the officiating of the game, stating, “Refs are never in our favor.”



The response from fans was harsh, with one commenter saying, “Put down the bong Britt. Or at least wipe the ketchup off the carburetor.” Another individual pointed out that it is the referees’ job to be impartial and called for Brittany to stop making baseless claims.

Her complaints about officiating continued when the Chiefs lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, and the responses remained consistently critical.

During the playoffs, the Chiefs had their revenge against the Bills, securing a spot in the AFC Championship Game for the fourth consecutive year. Brittany’s celebration included popping champagne from the boxes at Arrowhead Stadium. However, not everyone was pleased with her extravagant display.


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